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Our workshope is producing Toroidal Transformers with the power range of 20-3000VA and auto-tranformers form 5000VA. The core of our transformer is built of the most quality imporeted trafo metal sheets labeled as 3407, vacumed in deep vacum in order to avoid the transformer humming.
Transformers are covered with the domestic and imported lacquer wires of the following quality: L2/4 and L2/5. Verification of compliance with SRBS standards N.H8.010. N.H8.022. and N.H8.023, (attests) was performed by the Institute of electro-engineering “Nikola Tesla” in Belgrade.

Transformers are delivered together with a tool for montage (two rubber plates, metal holder and a she-screw) all included in price.

Trafco core of the transformer is made of
High-quality imported transformer metal sheets labelled as 3407,
vacuumed by lacquer in order to avoid transformer humming.
Transformers are covered with the imported TENVEX 200 and domestically produced lacquer wire of the quality G2. Transformers are compliant with SRBS standards N.H8.010, N.H8.022 and N.H8.023. Trafco is certified according to SRBS ISO 9001:2015 that was confirmed by EVROCERT.

Standard equipment
Standard equipment of Trafco transformer includes following parts:

Packing: card-board package in dimension of transformer enables safe transport and storage.

Montage tools (two rubber plates, metal holder and a she-screw)

Instructions manual
Termo protection

Transformers are equipped with a TERMO fuses that block the power supply in case of heating up. (115 – 130°C).

Causes of over-heating of transformer can be as follows: overloaded transformer, short-circuited, primary voltage is higher from the called voltage (over 5%), transformer is placed in high temperature space, and transformer is not functional.
In such way we want to protect users from possible damage caused by overloaded transformer, such as damage on equipment, fire of the facility etc. We can as well replace over-heated thermo-fuse and put back in function non-damaged transformer with minimal expenses, therefore the buyer has less expense to buy a new transformer.

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